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A Bad HVAC Technician Lies

by Penguin Air on May 24, 2013

Air Conditioning Technicians come to your home to fix your AC system, but do they always tell the truth? Of course not. There are a few common HVAC technician lies that they will tell in order to get their hands on your AC system. To avoid those fees and get honest answers, follow these three tips:

1)   Get a second opinion to see if the HVAC technician lies.

If it sounds too good or too bad to be true, then it just might be. Either way, the best way to determine if you need to make repairs or to decide which repairs you wish to make is to bring in another technician. Quotes are usually free and it’s always good to get another price check as well.

2)   Look at the facts yourself.

Look at the details. Is your unit old? Is it having difficulty keeping your house cool or running non-stop day after day? It is making lots of funny noises? If it is, a dramatic fix may be necessary such as purchasing a new AC unit or replacing a few key parts.

3)   Try a little TLC first.

If you think your unit can be saved, then offer it a little TLC (tender loving care). You can do this by cleaning filters, cleaning grills and cleaning coils. Check the Freon levels and add/replace if necessary. Finally, check for electrical issues such as the capacitor and make sure all components are running properly. Sometimes these simple things can help a system get back on its feet without the need of a potentially pricy specialist visit.

Not all HVAC technicians lie and if you do need to fix a serious problem with your AC, you will need to turn to one. Just remember to ask any questions you may have and take time to think about the options offered to you. It is an HVAC technician’s job to locate the malfunctioning problem with your AC unit and fix it. Take a look at or other review sites to find a company that you can trust. Soon enough your AC will be running as good as new.