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Air Conditioning R-22 Phase Out

by Penguin Air on June 26, 2012

With summer temperatures already spiking, it’s more important than ever to keep your air conditioner running well. But keeping it going could cost you more this summer – a lot more, according to some industry leaders. Most older air conditioning units still run on a type of Freon called R-22, which is being phased out […]

What Are The Best AC Brands For Phoenix AZ

by Penguin Air on June 23, 2012

There are several different brands of air conditioners, if you’re living in Phoenix Arizona, you’ll want to consider the best AC brands. The fact of the matter is most all systems are made with the same parts. Some are even on the same assembly line but with different names. I think like cars the manufacturer’s […]

Phoenix AZ Air Conditioning Repair

by Penguin Air on June 12, 2012

When considering hiring a Phoenix, AZ air conditioning company you really need to do your homework. Ask for references, check the Better Business Bureau and Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Make sure you are not inviting an ex-convict or drug addict into your home. Unfortunately, so many companies get lazy and do not invest enough effort […]

Air Conditioning Installation By Penguin Air

by Penguin Air on June 12, 2012

The majority of the time the air conditioning air return is to small. This is where the filter goes. If your air filter is being sucked up and it is difficult to remove while the unit is running your air return is to small and really should be enlarged or another return installed. This alleviates […]

AC System Buying Guide from Penguin Air

by Penguin Air on June 10, 2012

When buying a new air conditioning & heating system for your home there are many very important things to consider. First and for most choosing your contractor. Do your homework and ensure the contractor you choose has a good reputation and drug tests their employees. You can find valuable information on contractors on the BBB […]

SRP Rebates When Replacing Your Air Conditioner

by Penguin Air on June 8, 2012

SRP is still offering rebates when replacing your air conditioner for a limited time.  Take advantage of free money. SRP Rebates

Phoenix Arizona Energy Savings Calculator

by Penguin Air on June 8, 2012

This handy Phoenix Arizona energy savings calculator will estimate your energy savings when switching from your current a/c system to a high efficiency system. Energy Savings Calculator

Keep Your Phoenix AZ Home Cool Efficiently This Summer

by Penguin Air on June 6, 2012

Check out these energy savings tips to utilize this summer. Energy Saving Tips

Your Air Conditioner Needs Love Too

by Penguin Air on May 3, 2012

You take your car in for tune ups to keep it running in tip top shape. Well why not your air conditioner? Your air conditioner needs a tune up just like your car. Save yourself some money on your electric bill and have your a/c tuned up today.

Rising Temperatures – Time For An AC Tune-Up

by Penguin Air on April 20, 2012

The Phoenix Metro area will start to see temperatures staying in the upper 90 degree range going forward. This is the best time for an AC tune-up done on your A/C system to make sure you are prepared for the Arizona “HEAT WAVE”