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Buying a Modern Air Conditioning System

by Penguin Air on June 23, 2017

We are in 115-degree plus territory, our worst heat wave in decades. Record temperatures and excessive heat warnings continue for Phoenix and much of the Southwest.

Needless to say, people are resting and air conditioners are running.

Extreme Heat

As the sunniest metropolitan area in the United States, Phoenix is synonymous with extreme heat. In 2011 there were 33 days where the temperature exceeded 110º F — the highest amount of days with temperatures that exceeded that amount ever recorded! In all likelihood, that record will be beat this year.

Here are some tip to help you handle the extreme heat:

  • Make sure that the very young, the elderly and pets find their way out of the heat.
  • Avoid the outdoors if at all possible and seek air-conditioned buildings. This is not the time to worry about A/C costs.
  • Check in on family and friends, especially elders.
  • If you do go anywhere, make sure you take extra water with you, and wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and light-colored, loos fitting clothing.
  • Pay attention to air quality, which can quickly become dangerous in the heat. Extreme heat can cause poor air quality, which can irritate certain illnesses.
  • Stay hydrated!

Click here for more tips on surviving a Phoenix summer.

Before extreme heat hits, take the time to take precautions with your home’s air conditioning system. There are numerous signs that indicate when your cooling system might need an upgrade, including a noisy unit and a need for frequent repairs.

Modern Air Conditioning Systems

It’s times like these that it’s most important to have a modern and efficient cooling system in place. Older units may buckle under this much continuous use and you may spend more in maintenance fees and parts than you would on a new, modernized air conditioning system.

With a new air conditioning system, you get many new and improved features than units that are older. If you have an older unit that hasn’t been maintained on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that with a long, hot summer, as we are currently experiencing Phoenix and the Southwest, parts on the older unit will wear out which can lead to other parts wearing out, which may result in a shutdown. This can cause huge maintenance and repair costs for you, not to mention the inconvenience and danger of a nonworking air conditioner.

Modern air conditioning systems have been upgraded with the newest and best parts on the market. They are made of tough and more durable materials and have been primed to have a long-lasting life.

Additionally, if you have a more modern air conditioning system and something happens to it such as a broken part, it will usually be covered under a warranty so it will cost you nothing to get it fixed.

When you get a new unit installed, the repair company will send techs out to inspect the ductwork as well. If the ducts are old, they can become rusted through in places which can cause duct leaks. This can usually be repaired by the installation company but sometimes new ductwork will need to be installed in order to fix the problem.

A simple patch job may temporarily fix the problem but if it’s rusted or corroded in several areas, just patching the leak will only work until another place rusts through. And then another. Sometimes it’s better and more cost efficient to have new ductwork installed.

Older units over their life can collect a lot of water which can provide a perfect breeding ground for mold and other bacterial agents to grow and spread. Modern units are sealed much better and don’t allow these harmful agents to enter your system or ductwork that leads into your home.

Modern units are much more energy efficient and smooth running, which will save you much money on your electric bill. New systems may seem like an unnecessary cost but compared to the possible maintenance and repair costs of keeping up an older unit, it is much more efficient in the end.

Learn how replacing your air conditioning unit can save you money.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Unfortunately, more than half of new systems in U.S. homes do not perform to their rated efficiency as a result of improper installation (ENERGY STAR). In fact, improper installation can reduce performance by as much as 30%. This not only affects your utility bills, but can lead to a variety of comfort problems, including insufficient dehumidification, dust from leaking ductwork, and poor air distribution.

Ask the contractors bidding for your business if they follow ENERGY STAR®/ACCA’s Quality Installation Guidelines to ensure that you are not buying just a piece of equipment but a properly installed heating and cooling system that provides comfort and efficiency.

Ask the potential HVAC contractor if they use ACCA’s Manual J for load calculations. If your unit is too small, it will run all the time and may not adequately cool the home, especially on extremely hot days. An oversized system will be inefficient and may not run long enough to properly dehumidify the home. Learn more about the importance of sizing your new air conditioning unit.

A/C Features and Efficiency

Minimum SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating for air conditioners are 13-14. Choose an air conditioner with a high SEER number for more energy efficiency. Each digit increase in SEER indicates about a 10% reduction in electricity use.

Although modern air conditioning systems cost more upfront, they reduce your energy bills and make your money back in the long run.

Should your home suffer damages to your outdoor heating and cooling systems, Penguin Air & Plumbing is here to help. With 24 hour service, Penguin will be around no matter what time disaster strikes.

We have a qualified staff that can help inspect, repair or install cooling systems that can help you survive extreme heat waves. As a company based in Arizona, Penguin Air & Plumbing feels the heat when you do. Take the time to prepare for severe heat before it hits and assess your cooling systems today.

Based in Tempe, Penguin Air & Plumbing provides 24-hour air conditioning, heating and plumbing service to the entire Phoenix metro area, including the cities of Maricopa County and parts of Pinal County. As a BBB A+ rated business, we take customer service and satisfaction very seriously.

Contact Penguin Air today for 24/7 air conditioning service, honest prices, professional work, and gimmick-free guarantees.

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