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Preventing Kitchen Plumbing Emergencies

by Penguin Air on November 27, 2014

We do so much cooking during the holidays. Can you imagine how a kitchen disaster would really throw a wrench into your plans? With today’s Tips of the Toolbox, Penguin Air & Plumbing GM Jay Kline gives tips on preventing kitchen plumbing emergencies, such as kitchen sink clogs.

There are a few different tips you can do. The biggest thing is that most clogs are caused by people cooking and putting the wrong things down the drain. There are a few easy tricks to possibly try at home, if it stops up. The garbage disposal could just not work, but there are a couple things you can do. A lot of times, if the garbage disposal just stops working, there’s a little reset button usually at the bottom of most disposals. Push it; hopefully it’ll get you going. If it pushes in, most likely you’ll be able to reset it. If it doesn’t, most likely you’ll need a new garbage disposal.

What if you get a clogged sink and nothing works?

If you feel as though you’re a little bit handy, you can climb up under the kitchen sink and there’s going to be this p-trap where you can loosen up fittings – make sure you have a bowl underneath the trap – where you pull down and release any clogs that happen within the trap. You can pull this off and clean it out right there. If this doesn’t work, we’ll definitely come out and take care of things.

What are a couple things you should absolutely NOT put down the drain?

Surprisingly, a lot of vegetables. Celery stalks, potato peels – you don’t want starchy or stringy things going down the drain. The stringy stuff will wrap around the blades in the disposal and bind it up. The starchy stuff, such as rice, actually swells in your drain and causes a lot of clogs, because it doesn’t fully get out.

So you should totally avoid that all together! What about over-the-counter solutions? Do they work?

A little bit. They will clean out your drain and clear your clog but they are really hard on the pipes. They are so chemical heavy and hard on your pipes and they can cause problems down the road.

Penguin Air & Plumbing is offering an $89 drain cleaning. Don’t get caught with a clogged drain during the holidays! If you are, Penguin Air is available 24/7, 365 for all plumbing emergencies. We want to make sure you get back to enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner. Contact us at anytime for plumbing services.