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Remembering Our Fur Babies, Capone and Lowell

by Penguin Air on December 23, 2016

RIP Fur Babies, Capone and Lowell

While everyone is getting it ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, we wanted to take a moment to remember two of our lovely fur babies who passed recently:

Jay’s 12-year-old dog, CAPONE

Jay's Capone Fur Baby - Penguin Air and Plumbing

Wade’s 12-13-year-old dog, LOWELL

Wade's Lowell Fur Baby - Penguin Air and Plumbing

RIP Capone and Lowell

Capone and Lowell were loved by everyone here at Penguin Air & Plumbing. We will miss everything about them, but especially their kisses, hugs, and love.

After a long day at work, they would jump into our arms… and our hearts.

They both enjoyed going on walks and hikes, hugging and snuggling. Like many dogs, they taught us joy. And they continue comfort us and make us happy.

While no dog will ever be able to replace Capone or Lowell, we are committed to providing a space for our other fur babies and the special bond they have with our team. Allowing our employees to bring their pets to work makes it nearly impossible to feel sad or bad.

We want to provide different services and perks to our team members, ones that foster a happy and healthy atmosphere. Allowing the Penguin Team to rotate bringing their pets to work is one big way we can do that.

Here are some of our other fur babies that will help carry on Capone and Lowell’s legacy:

  • Derek’s dog, PATCHES
  • Briana’s dog, ARCHIE
  • Renee’s cat, TINKERBELL

We have a different furry family member in our offices every day. All we have to do is make sure that we aren’t mixing pet pals that might not get along so well.

At Penguin Air & Plumbing, every day is bring-your-pet-to-work day! We couldn’t ask for better coworkers.

If you have any memories of CAPONE and/or LOWELL, please share them with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, or private message.

Losing a furry family member is never easy. If you or someone you know has recently lost a pet, here are some resources to help handle the grief:

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!

We’re here with our fur babies 24/7/365, even during major holidays!

If the pipes burst or the heat goes out, don’t hesitate to call us at 480-747-6803.

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