Tips For Maintaining Your Heating System

No one wants to be without a working heating system in the middle of winter. Especially since Phoenix winters can be harsh and frigid, we’re betting you want to have a working heating system to combat the cold and keep your family warm!

Heating systems are different than Air Conditioning systems. Usually Heating Systems (Furnace) are located in the attic. This means they are typically difficult to troubleshoot it yourself if something is wrong with them. That is why we put together a few tips for you to keep in mind since Fall is here and Winter is not too far around the corner!

Schedule Furnace Maintenance:

If you want to keep your heating system in working order, then the best thing to do is schedule an inspection for maintenance of your furnace. Forgoing maintenance on your furnace could become a serious problem. Avoid this by scheduling a maintenance visit once a year, preferably in the fall before the winter months arrive.

Change Your Filters:

Also change your filters on a monthly basis! If you’re like us, then you wouldn’t want to pay for a new Heating and Cooling system or pay for complex and costly repairs every few years. Changing your filters each month is the number one way to extend the life of your Heating system and helps keep your furnace at its most optimum level!

Use an Auto Sensing Thermostat:

Our last tip is to use an auto thermostat or smart sensing thermostat. This is a thermostat that lets you program on and off settings. This way it will turn on automatically while you are at home and turn off during parts of the days when you are not or when you are on vacation. This will help you reduce heating and cooling needs and save money on your energy bills so that you can afford maintenance and random fixes that may come your way in the future.

So use these tips to ensure your furnace is ready for winter! If you are looking for Furnace Maintenance, give Penguin Air and Home Services a call we will give you an honest inspection and a timely maintenance schedule!