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DIY Air Conditioning Repair

Life without your air conditioner isn’t fun, but sometimes your trusty machine will break down all on its own, leaving you as the sole repair option, or forcing you to call in an air conditioning repair specialist. If you’re like us, then you like to attempt common repairs on your own before calling in the help of a certified technician or specialist. Budgets are tight and if it’s easy to fix then you want to fix it yourself. We understand.

Read the Manual

The first step in DIY air conditioning repair is simple: consult your AC unit’s manual. Your owner manual will offer tips specific to your machine and may even have troubleshooting pages for common problems.

Cleaning Your Unit Helps Avoid Air Conditioning Repair

The second step is to do a gentle cleaning of your unit to make sure that the airflow is working. Shut off your circuit and electrical panel next to the outdoor compressor before you start cleaning to ensure that you do not hurt yourself. Remove debris from the outside condenser. Then use a soft brush or cloth to clean the debris inside of your unit’s fins. You can also vacuum to help pull out any big chunks of dirt or dust.

Check the Thermostat

The third and final step is to check your thermostat. Room temperatures can fluctuate quickly and cause a problem with the thermostat. Readjusting the thermostat can sometimes fix this problem. First, remove the thermostat cover. Then find the small heat anticipator adjustment lever. This is typically the lever closer to the calibrated scale. Next, place the lever one notch closer to the longer calibration setting if the unit often shuts off and then turns back on rapidly. Place the lever one notch farther away if the room temperature usually drops or rises too low/high and then shuts off. You will need to wait at least 8 hours once you have adjusted the thermostat to see if it is now working properly (it needs time to calibrate!)

Call Penguin Today!

Sometimes it can’t be helped. You will be unable to solve your own air conditioning problems and will need to consult a professional. For these cases, be sure that you contact a company that you feel will provide you with unparalleled service and has a strong knowledge of AC units and AC unit repair & maintenance.

Let Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical work with you to get your AC unit back up and running today! 

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