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Home Air Scrubbers: Cleaning the Air Inside Your Home

Allergies, particularly seasonal allergies, can be devastating. They are frustrating, difficult, and won’t always go away with medicine or time. In fact, sometimes they grow over the years and increase in their intensity, which is only more cumbersome for allergy sufferers.

One way in which allergy sufferers can attempt to alleviate their irritation is to look at their indoor air quality. Indoor air quality is often a concern in providing allergy relief because improper air quality is one of the most common allergy irritants for seasonal allergy sufferers.

One of the best ways (in addition to routine maintenance for your home AC unit to ensure proper functionality without added debris & air dirt) is to purchase a home air scrubber. Air scrubbers allow you to breathe clean, filtered air in your home helping your allergies to subside to a more manageable level.

Air scrubbers were designed to reduce up to 99.9% of surface microorganisms, viruses, germs, debris, dirt, and germs. This includes illnesses and contagions such as anthrax, strep, staph, e-coli, aureuginosa, listeria monocytogenes, MRSA, black mold, and candida albicans. Air scrubbers also work to reduce odors from smoking, dust, pets, or even cooking.

For those who suffer from allergies (more than 50 million Americans do) then a home cleaning system that includes an air scrubber may just be the answer to their incessant allergies.

Seasonal allergies are spread through the air and during pollen-infested days or heavy smog days, it is often best for allergy sufferers to stay indoors for some of the day to help curb their allergies. However, when indoor air quality holds many of the same pollutants and irritants as outdoor air, allergy sufferers are unable to find relief.

Purchasing an air scrubber can make indoor air not only breathable, but also safe for allergy sufferers. You will find that you sleep easier at night without the coughs and sneezes that you may have had before. Even non-allergy sufferers such as those with asthma can benefit from air scrubbers. Take care of yourself and your family by purchasing an air scrubber to keep air clean, safe, healthy, and healing.

Contact your local air conditioning technician if you are interested in learning more or would like to know which air scrubber models we offer and what our installation costs are for your home.

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