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Check Your Air Quality: Don’t Have A Bad “Air” Day

The indoor air quality in your home could be affecting you and your family’s health. Our Phoenix GM, Jay Kline, spoke today about ways to improve your indoor air quality. How bad is the indoor air quality inside your home? Turns out, it can be up to 5 to 7 times worse than the air quality outside of the home!

We are usually not even thinking about what’s causing us to sneeze, what’s causing us to cough, and what’s giving us running eyes inside our homes. The truth is, it could be caused by something right there in the air we are breathing. Isn’t it amazing that you could actually be more allergy-free going outside than spending time closed up inside the house?

The real question is: how often should an air filter be changed? You often hear that you should change your filter once a month to keep the air quality clean. And that is very true! Our experts at Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical recommend changing your air filter every 30 days.

A lot of people don’t know that when their homes were built, they were not built quite as tight as they should have been. Look at a home’s registers, most of which will be in the ceilings or down in your wall. They often have big corners and big gaps around them because they are not properly sealed. The biggest problem with these gaps is that they are responsible for pulling in air from your attic and from your walls, which is hot, dirty air that can have insulation in it.

Looking up at the registers on the ceiling or wall and noticing that there is dust coming out of the corners of them is a dead giveaway that there is a problem with air quality. In order to prevent this from happening, we offer packages for duct sealing, which includes completely sealing all the edges with duct mastic, and also sealing everything inside the can where all the duct work connects.

All work is completed during the initial consultation, during which we will also pull off all registers to determine whether or not they are good to go or not, and to check for any problems. An AC tune-up for a home should be done every year. Dust or gaps around the register are some of the warning signs to get one done in your home.

Some of the other signs of poor air quality include dust settling around the home on furniture and tables. A lot of people think their home is dusty from the outside, or they need a duct cleaning when in reality the dust is literally coming in right at the source from the registers in their ceiling and bringing in large amounts of attic dust directly into the home.

These types of holes and gaps in the vents that allow dust to sneak into the home can significantly affect the health of the home’s occupants, in the form of allergies and other health problems. Insulation is very hard on the lungs, and the fine dust that makes its way through from the ceiling into the home can really affect allergies.

The way most homes are built, there are a lot of little holes around and inside the ducts. These not only let in the air polluting dust and dirt but also allow air to escape the ducts or suck unheated or uncooled air back inside the home which can be a problem when trying to heat up a home in the winter or cool down a home in the summer.

Our experienced technicians will address these issues to ensure they are resolved in your home. In addition, we can also use a UV light to take care of common air pollutants, such as odors, pet dander, allergens, and the common flu virus. The UV light, along with a proper duct sealing, will ensure your home and your air quality are all good to go.

Contact our experienced Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical team today to schedule your appointment to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

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