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Try This Before You Call the Pros

Spring is almost here, and it won’t be long before it is time to turn on the air conditioner. You don’t want any surprises when you do. If you turn your cooling system on and it isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, don’t grab the phone and call us immediately (although we’d love to hear from you), there are a few things that you can try before you call the professionals at Penguin Air and Home Services.

We have come up with a list of things that you may wish to check if your AC unit isn’t working properly. These air conditioner trouble-shooting tips just may save you from spending money on a service call.

If you engage your AC unit and you feel air blowing but the temperature doesn’t feel right, check the outdoor unit to see if it is on or off. It it’s off, check the breaker box to see if the breaker has tripped.

If the outdoor unit is running but you feel no air blowing from the indoor fan, once again, check the breaker box to see if a breaker has tripped.

If all of the motors are running but you don’t feel any airflow, then check to see if there is an ice buildup. It is not uncommon for the air handler to freeze up, preventing the air to flow properly. If you turn the unit off for a couple of hours and let the ice thaw, it should return to normal operation when you turn it back on.

If you find that just one of your rooms is not getting any airflow, then it is most likely a problem with a loose or punctured duct. If you can get to it, use some duct tape to secure the duct back in place, or to cover any holes or gaps you find. This should restore airflow back to the room.

If the temperature in the room is not registering the temperature you set the unit to, check the thermostat. Perhaps it never got set properly for the change of the season, and could still be on heat when you needed cold. A power outage or surge can also alter the settings on a thermostat.

If you go through these steps and the unit still isn’t working properly, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have way more tricks in our arsenal and can usually determine the problem quickly, and get you back on track; all at a very reasonable price!

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