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The Difference That Dual Flush Toilets Can Make

Two Ways to Flush Now

There has been a recent upward climb in the number of dual flush toilets that are being installed in the United States. It’s about time!

The dual flush toilet looks a little different than the toilet that you are probably used to seeing. There is no flush handle on the side of the tank. There are two buttons on the top of the tank. One is a bit smaller than the other. Depending on what’s deposited into the toilet, you will push the larger or smaller flush button. If it is only urine that is being flushed, the smaller button (we’ll call it button “number 1”) is pushed. If there is solid waste in the toilet, then (you guessed it) button “number 2” is pushed. It takes much less water to flush urine than solid waste.

By using the dual flush system, a family will use approximately 67% less water over the course of a year than by using the standard flush system. Besides saving a considerable amount on your water bill, you will be making a much lighter ecological footprint, conserving water that is so precious in so many states and countries now. As a matter of fact, there are some countries that are experiencing water shortages, such as Australia, that are now mandating that all new toilets installed must be the dual flush style. There are some municipalities in the U.S. that are requiring the same thing.

Aside from money savings and ecological value, the new dual flush toilets are ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing. Toilet manufacturers recognize the fact that the trend is heading in this direction, so the competition is on. They are attempting to make their models sleeker, more comfortable and more economical than the “other guy.” This has resulted in some very attractive, futuristic toilets that lend to the suave décor of the designer’s bathroom.

The dual flush system hasn’t been around very long. It was established on the international market just over ten years ago. It is just recently that the new flushing system has come to the U.S., and it’s catching on like wildfire. As our concerns of sufficient water have grown, so has our interest in these water-saving toilets. The only drawback to getting this style of toilet is that the installation can be tricky if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person. You should refer to the pros to come do the installation for you, and the best pros to get would be those at Penguin Air Conditioning and Plumbing.

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