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Efficient Cooling: Bigger is not Always Better

There are those that believe that by installing a larger air conditioning unit, your cooling comfort will increase. However, we want to dispel that myth right now. Actually, a room air conditioner that’s too large for the amount of square footage it’s supposed to cover will cool less efficiently than a properly sized unit. This is because if a unit is too big, it will cool the home to the temperature your thermostat is set at before de-humidification occurs, which can make the home feel clammy and uncomfortable. A central air system needs to be evaluated and installed by professionals, who understand all of the aspects of efficient cooling for your home.

When you run your central air, make sure to adjust the settings so that the fan turns off at the same time as the compressor. This is commonly done by setting the “auto” mode on the fan setting. Don’t use the central fan of you’re A/C system to circulate air in your home. You’re better off using individual fans in each room for that.

In climates that allow it, you can install what is known as a whole-house fan. These help cool your home by drawing in the cool air and distributing it through the home, while the warm air is exhausted through the attic. One of these whole-house fans works great during the time of day when the temperatures are cooler. When the temperature heats up for the day, your house already has a head start on staying cool, requiring less of a need for cooling when the day heats up.

Here are a few cooling tips from Penguin:

  • Don’t place appliances that give off any heat (computers, televisions, lamps) near the thermostat. It could create an artificial reading, causing the unit to kick on needlessly.
  • If you are using a window unit, place a fan in the room to help circulate that cold air throughout the rest of the house, which will save energy costs.
  • If you feel extra warm, try to avoid setting the thermostat lower than the normal comfort level when you turn the air conditioning on. It will not cool the home any faster, and it will just lead to too much cooling and boost you’re energy costs.
  • During the summer, try to keep your thermostat at the highest setting that will still keep you comfortable. The greater the difference between the outside temperatures and the temperature inside your home, the more you will pay.

Remember that an old air conditioner may not be near as efficient as a newer model with newer technology. By having Penguin Air install a new energy-efficient model, you can increase your efficiency up to 15%, which really pays off.

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