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The Best Burning Wood for Your Fireplace

It is very important that homeowners choose the most appropriate wood for their fireplace which is an alternative to space heaters. Firewood consist of water and newly cut wood can hold as much as 45% water inside. Therefore, all firewood is not considered good for burning firewood for your fireplace. Knowing which firewood is the best burning wood to keep you warm during the winter season is very cost effective.

Best burning wood

Apple firewood

Apple firewood carries a sweet and smoky aroma as it burns inside a fireplace. Unfortunately, due to applewood being too heavy and compressed, it is harder to kindle and maintain a flame than other choices of wood. The moment that apple wood begins to burn, it burns in moderation. However, this wood doesn’t produce much smoke which makes it an excellent choice for an open furnace.


Oak is recognized as one of the highest recommended type of firewood to utilize for your fireplace. When oak wood is dried correctly, it can make a really slow flaming and scorching fire. In order to receive the best results from burning oak firewood, it is necessary that it be seasoned and mature in a dry space for at the minimum a year. When the oak wood is aged for two years, it is even better! When oak wood is seasoned well it can create more warmth. Like apple wood, oak wood is also hard to ignite but is well worth it when it begins a fiery and powerful maintained fire.


Birchwood burns at mid to high-temperature levels and burns moderately well. Birch firewood is effortless to separate apart and doesn’t produce a lot of smoke or dispense much sparks. Whether you are choosing white, yellow or gray birch wood, all of them are great options for burning firewood for your fireplace.


Ash firewood is considered to be one of several highly qualified wood for burning in a furnace. Ashwood can separate quite easily when using an ax. The best time to use this type of firewood is when it is seasoned. When the wood is dry it forms an outstanding slow consistent burn.


Beech firewood burns like ash wood. It is a dense hardwood that produces a fiery fire but doesn’t form much of a spark which contributes to minimizing the possibility of a flue fire. Beech firewood can as well be split fine when it is seasoned. Keep in mind that the wood is hard so it may need to be assisted with a wedge despite it being seasoned.


Cedar is considered a great burning wood that produces ongoing heat. It doesn’t take much for cedar wood it will burn at a low flame. The wood typically sparks and spits. The sap can produce drops to develop within the chimney with continuous use.


Cherry wood is considered to be a pretty good firewood. This type of wood is required to be seasoned properly. The wood burns with a delightful aroma and does not spit. This wood burns slowly and produces great heat.


Hawthorne is considered one of the best burning wood and it is a rare form firewood to obtain. It comes to a slow burn and is extremely hot in a furnace.


Hazelwood is considered good firewood. When it is seasoned well it has a fast burn that doesn’t produce any spitting.


Hornbeam wood is pretty decent burning wood that has a burns like beech wood. This wood produces a slow burn with great heat.


Thorn is another firewood that is considered one of the best burning wood. It creates an ongoing fire and produces good heat with not much smoke.

If you want to obtain a slow heat in your fireplace without risking a chimney fire consider choosing wood that burns well when seasoned and has little to no sparks. Along with warmth and continuous heat from your well season firewood you also want to take safety precautions to guarantee a perfectly reliable fire within your fireplace.

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