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How to Change An Air Conditioning Filter

How to Change an Air Filter

Air conditioning professionals recommend changing the filter in your air conditioning at least once a month. Dirty air filters not only cause your A/C to work inefficiently, but they send tainted, unclean air back into your home, filling your home with all sorts of dust and toxins. Changing your air filter is simple, and it only takes a few minutes.

Below are the steps to take to change an air conditioning filter when the time comes.

  1. The filter is usually located within your ductwork. If you are not sure where your A/C filter is located, consult the owner’s manual for your unit or contact an A/C professional.
  2. Remove the filter and measure it if you don’t know what size you need.
  3. Look for a filter that has a minimum efficiency reporting the value of at least 8 (most range from 1-12 for home A/C units). Make sure you take a look at what types of filters are recommended for your specific A/C model.
  4. After purchasing a filter, insert it correctly, making sure the correct side is facing out (see the directions on the package).
  5. Replace the filter cover. Make sure you correctly and tightly screw back any screws you may have loosened to remove the filter.
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