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Penguin Air Buyer’s Guide to A/C Units

As our weather starts warming up, it might be time to start thinking about a new air conditioning unit, and if you don’t know how, you’re in luck. With today’s Tips of the Toolbox, Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical GM Jay Kline is here with a buyer’s guide to AC units.

What should I look for when hiring an installing contractor?

There’s a lot of background work we suggest you do before allowing someone into your home. We suggest to go through and check out the ROC (registry of contractors), or the Better Business Bureau, and find out if they have any ratings or complaints or issues. Go through and check their reviews, and you’ll learn a lot about a company before they even come into your home.

What should we expect when that contractor arrives to the home?

This is what we call replacement season. People are getting their tax money back, and just before the summer there are always good specials on air conditioners before prices go up. When you actually let a contractor into your home, make sure they do a couple key things. Make sure they go everywhere the unit is at and make sure they get into the attic. The attic is a place where a lot of issues can exist. Make sure they do a heat load on your house, which actually does the sizing of your unit. There’s quite a bit of stuff they need to do when they get there to make sure they’re doing the entire job.

This isn’t something we should have to tell them, right?

Right. Contractors should know these things. Penguin Air does have a buyer’s guide so when a contractor does come into the home, you have your homework done.

We’ve done our homework now, but how do we know what size unit we need for our home?

This is key: the heat load. A lot of houses are built and a unit that’s determined by square footage has been installed. But it’s key here in the Valley to know that bigger isn’t better. People think bigger is better but bigger is just as bad as a unit that’s too small. It’s really bad efficiency wise and it will cause the unit to go out sooner. A heat load will take measurements of the house, of your windows, of which way the house is facing, etc. This information goes into a computer program that determines exactly what size unit you need for the house.

What is the importance of a quality installation?

2/3 of units installed are installed with efficiency deficiencies. Many people will cut corners and not do the right duct work, ceiling work, etc., with results that will actually cause the high efficiency system you purchased to lose efficiency. So that’s one big thing to make sure you have: quality installation. One thing we offer is quality control. About a week later, we have an install manager go out to the house and double check everything to make sure there’s nothing missed.

Check out Penguin Air’s offer for a $500 trade-in of your old A/C system! Be sure to call for more information about getting a quality air conditioning unit installed.

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