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Top Thermostat Tips

There is a lot of power behind your thermostat and the way that you use it. The way you use your thermostat is directly related to how your A/C performs and how high or low your overheads are. You may not realize that where your thermostat is located and how you set it are very big factors regarding your home’s energy bill. Take a look at the thermostat tips below and learn how to use it properly and efficiently:

Set it as high as comfortability will allow

The higher the temperature your A/C runs, the cheaper your energy bill – but the point, of course, is to keep your home cool and comfortable. A good temperature at which to set your thermostat is around 78ºF, but many people like it lower. For each degree above 72ºF, however, you can save around 3% on your energy bill.

Set your thermostat higher when no one is home

Setting your thermostat to around 85ºF when no one is home will save loads on your energy bill. The same principle applies to heating. You can save energy in the winter by setting your thermostat to around 68ºF when people are home and then setting it to a lower temperature when people are away or are asleep.

Choose a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to have control of your home’s temperature at all times. It also allows you to be in control of where certain temperatures are occurring throughout your home, such as in places where people do not frequent. You don’t necessary need the temperature in the guest bedroom to be as cool as the temperature in the kitchen, for example. A programmable thermostat can help you determine what temperatures cost the least and are the most comfortable at certain times of the day, especially in cities and counties where energy companies place premiums on certain times of the day.

Speak to an HVAC professional to determine how a programmable thermostat can benefit you and lower your energy bill. There are also different types available, and each has unique benefits.

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