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How to Get the Most Out of Your Central AC’s Lifespan

The rumors are true: your air conditioner can last well over a decade, but you may unintentionally cut its lifespan short by ignoring warning signs and forgoing routine tune-ups. Protecting your AC’s life, and increasing its longevity, is all about prevention and maintenance. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape for as long as possible!

Schedule an AC Tune-up Every Year

If you weren’t already aware, seasonal and annual air conditioner tune-ups are a vital part of your HVAC’s wellbeing. Consider tune-ups like a doctor’s visit and a trip to the day spa at the same exact time. Not only will a certified HVAC technician thoroughly evaluate your system for potential hazards, but they’ll also clean all of its essential parts and make very important updates, such as new refrigerant and an air filter that will keep it running at maximum performance.

You should get an AC tune-up at least once a year, but some people prefer to have theirs checked at least twice a year. Regular AC tune-ups increase your system’s efficiency, which saves you money in the long run, and ensures that you are able to catch problems while they’re still minor fixes instead of major repairs down the road.

Replace Your Air Filter Regularly

So many homeowners are dumbfounded when they learn that their HVAC air filter may need to be replaced up to four times a year! Certain models only need annual replacements, but many popular air filters are only good for at least 60 to 90 days. You should definitely never go longer than approximately four months without replacing your air conditioner’s filter unless you know it’s a type specifically designed to last longer, or if it happens to be a washable filter.

Dirty filters make your HVAC work harder, costing you money and putting a strain on the entire system. This can lead to early breakdowns all while sabotaging your indoor air quality and increasing your utility bills — which is something that no homeowner wants to ever endure, especially during the summer.

If you aren’t even sure how to replace an HVAC air filter, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly techs are able to help you learn where to locate your filter, what kind you’ll need, and how to replace it with the utmost ease.

Pay Attention to Loud Noises

Sometimes, your HVAC will literally tell you when something’s wrong. Loud noises coming from your air conditioner (including screaming, screeching, and banging) all indicate that there’s an internal problem with your system. Each noise can come from a different part of your unit — and you may even experience echoing that will make it harder for you to trace a noise back to its source. Don’t assume that a noise is “no big deal” just because your air conditioner seems to be running fine.

Sometimes, these noises can be much less serious than they sound, such as a loose bolt in your ducts or something caught in your central unit. However, leaving your AC’s cries for help unanswered can result in very serious damage, costly repairs and, sometimes, even complete breakdowns — which can give you a major problem on your hands.

Give Your AC Some TLC Today!

Your central air conditioner is a costly investment and should be treated as such. To get the most of its lifespan, when problems arise, you’ll want to schedule maintenance as soon as possible — and luckily, our team can help take care of that. For first-class service at incredible rates, Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical is the name to know and trust! To schedule your appointment, give us a call at (480) 747-6800!

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