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Do I Have to Replace my Central AC Filter?

One of the most vital pieces to the HVAC puzzle is your filter. Granted, it might seem as if this detail can withstand the test of time, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Because of this, when it comes to your unit’s filter, you’ll want to make sure that this part is the first item to check off on your HVAC to-do list. Still not too sure why you should replace your filter? Here are some important things to consider:

Filters Have a Short Lifespan

When you think of an HVAC filter, it’s important to know that this piece in your unit doesn’t last for a long period of time. Generally speaking, a filter has a lifespan of approximately one-to-two-months.

If your unit’s filter is left in much longer than anticipated, then it could bog down your HVAC unit and cause it to exert more energy than what’s actually required. There are some filters that require a simple washing, but, again, you’ll want to make sure that you keep track of when was the last time you cleaned it.

A Dirty Filter Overworks Your Unit

As mentioned earlier, a dirty filter will cause unnecessary stress on your unit and make it work twice as hard to produce the temperature that you desire. This will not only take a toll on its overall well-being, but if there is constant strain, then your HVAC system will have a much shorter lifespan.

Tarnishes Indoor Air Quality

When air struggles to pass through a dirty, blocked filter, that extra debris will cling and build up on the walls of your air ducts. While this might not seem like a problem at first, that extra dander will then linger, eventually bringing down your indoor air quality.

The Final Verdict

Your HVAC filter should be replaced, regularly. If you happen to forget when the last time your swapped it out (or washed it, if washable) was, now is the perfect time to get the job done. If you feel as though you’re replacing your filter too often, then you might want to schedule system maintenance right away to see if it’s an internal problem.

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