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Everything You Need to Know About the R-22 Phaseout

Do you have an older air conditioning system? Here in the Phoenix area, having a working AC is critical to your comfort, and soon older systems are going to be impossible to repair. The R-22 phaseout is here with the start of 2020, and that means your HVAC technicians can no longer get R-22 refrigerant. Should your system get a leak, you can no longer get it recharged, and you will be left in the heat without a working AC system. If you are still running an older system with R-22, the team at Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical wants you to know your options.

Why Phase Out R-22?

R-22 was the refrigerant of choice for decades, but eventually scientists discovered that it was dangerous to the ozone layer and other aspects of the environment. Even the most careful HVAC technicians can allow some of the refrigerant to leak, and the systems themselves can have leaks that let some of this dangerous coolant out into the air. To protect the environment, the United States government made the decision to gradually phase out R-22 in favor of a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. The final deadline, January 1, 2020, has arrived, and that means no new R-22 is being manufactured or brought in to the United States.

What This Means for You

If you’ve recently upgraded your air conditioning system, then the R-22 phaseout deadline has no impact on you. Your system already runs on one of the new refrigerant types. If you have an older system that has R-22, then it’s time to start thinking about an upgrade. If your system needs to be recharged, your only options will be recirculated R-22 that is still being sold, but that will be costly.

Benefits of Upgrading From a System with R-22

You may be thinking that it’s best to wait until your system fails to have it upgraded. While you can certainly do this, as there are no rules against using a system containing R-22, you will be left without any air conditioning if the system goes out. Additional benefits, besides your peace of mind, that you will get if you upgrade include:

  • More efficiency – New systems are more efficient than older models, and R-22 systems are old and inefficient.
  • Lower cooling costs – A more efficient system means lower cooling bills.
  • Fewer repairs – Old systems can “nickel and dime” you with repair costs, but upgrading will limit those.

Penguin Air’s team of HVAC pros offer air conditioning installation and replacement services. We can take care of your old R-22 system and give you a new, more efficient model that’s perfectly sized for your home and in agreement with current regulations. In Phoenix, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your AC system is ready to deliver quality cooling service is priceless.

To enjoy these benefits and the peace of mind that your system is better for the environment, reach out to Penguin Air. We will give you a free quote for AC upgrades, so you can start planning. Call today at (480) 747-6800.

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