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Improved Indoor Air Quality with Help from Penguin Air

At Penguin Air & Plumbing, when it comes to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), we pride ourselves on being the Valley experts. We carry and install the Air Scrubber Plus®, a popular HVAC product that helps improve your IAQ by “scrubbing” the airflow of any contaminants produced by the harsh Arizona climate.

Indoor air pollution can come from a wide variety of sources:

  • oil, gas, kerosene, coal, and wood emissions
  • cigarettes and tobacco products
  • building materials and furnishings such as insulation, flooring, furniture, and pressed wood
  • household cleaning, painting, and personal care products
  • HVAC and humidification systems
  • outdoor air pollution from vehicles, barbecues, pesticides, and fertilizer

Considering that indoor air is 2-5x (and occasionally more than 100x) as polluted as the air outdoors, it’s important to improve our IAQ for homes, schools, businesses, hospitals, airports, and all other indoor spaces,

Valley Air Scrubbers Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many people believe an Air Scrubber is just a UV light that kills bacteria when air passes through the duct system. Although there are a few similarities to UV light products, the Air Scrubber performs a bit differently. Our Arizona Air Scrubbing System actually uses germicidal light waves that create enviro-scrubbing molecules that land on surfaces throughout your home. This helps clean and disinfect (up to 99%) of the air in your home, as well as remove micro-organisms (bacteria), allergens, odors and dust particles from the air you breath. In addition, it automatically cleans the components in your HVAC system, which reduces the chances of your unit breaking down due to dirt and dust.

If the air in your home smells because of things like pets or cigarette smoke, then we highly recommend looking into the benefits of our Air Scrubbing System. An air scrubbing system will help improve the life of your AC system and will clean your house 24/7, making your home cleaner and healthier at the same time!

Air Scrubber Satisfaction Guarantee

The service you receive doesn’t end when we finish installing your Air Scrubber Plus® System. A home comfort specialist will contact you to ensure you were completely pleased with the results. If the product doesn’t clean the air to your satisfaction, we will remove the scrubber and return 100% of your investment. At Penguin we guarantee you will be happy with our products and services – or we will find an alternative solution that works for you.

Ensure the air in your home is free from odor and contaminants with air cleaner and scrubber installation from Penguin Air & Plumbing. Call us today at 480-747-6803 and begin to breathe easier!