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Licensed and Experienced Arizona Plumbers

Drain Cleaning ServicesPenguin Air & Plumbing offers routine and emergency drain cleaning services in the Valley area. Our licensed plumbers perform drain cleaning and repair quickly, at competitive prices – and at your convenience. If you have a blocked or clogged drain pipe, our efficient pipe inspection process will get the water flowing in no time. We also offer plumbing maintenance to ensure your entire plumbing system works to maximum efficiency.

Professional Drain Cleaning

We use the right equipment to get the job done quickly and safely. By using professional equipment including sewer machines for main lines, large drain snakes and hydro jetting machines, we’re able to bring your drain system back to life. If you’re experiencing backups in your sink, shower or sewage system, we have the tools and the experience to unclog them quickly and efficiently. We offer same-day service, upfront pricing, and satisfaction guarantees for all of our plumbing service work.

Experienced Valley Plumbers

Our experienced plumbers are trained to provide you with the best experience in a challenging situation. Whether it’s flooding due to a clogged sewer line or just a simple clogged drain, we are available 24 hours a day. Our plumbing team go through a rigorous hiring process that includes comprehensive training and education.

Every Penguin plumber is background-checked, drug tested, and fully trained for your peace of mind. We guarantee that on every plumbing call our staff will be clean, professional and arrive within the scheduled time frame – or the diagnostic fee is free.

Fast Drain Cleaning with BioOne Commercial Liquid Cleaner

Most clogs in home drains come from grease, fat, and oil.  When these clogs are shallow, homeowners tend to clear them using inexpensive chemical drain cleaners.  These cleaners act fast, but they won’t clear large clogs, leave additional grease and oils behind, and are caustic enough to begin eroding pipes and drains as they work.  BioOne is different, since it’s a commercial-grade biological drain cleaner.

With BioOne, there are no caustic chemicals.  Instead, hungry bacteria break down the clog safely, without risking damage to your system or the caustic dangers of harsh chemicals.  BioOne is easy to use and safe for drains, pipes, sewers, and septic systems.

BioOne is part of EPA’s Safer Choice Program and is now carried by our service professionals!

Additional Plumbing Services

In addition to our extensive drain cleaning services, our skilled plumbers are licensed to perform the following plumbing work:

  • Refrigerator Water Lines
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Septic Services
  • Water Filtration
  • Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV) Inspection or Replacement
  • Water Softener Repair and Replacement
  • Main Water Supply Lines Repaired or Replaced
  • Tank and Tankless Water Heaters
  • Slab Leaks

If you have a clogged drain or a slow-draining plumbing system, call the award-winning team at Penguin Air & Plumbing at 480-747-6803.