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Sewer Line Replacement Services

Sewer Line Replacement Services in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ

At Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical, we offer a full list of plumbing services, including sewer service, to homeowners in Tucson, Phoenix, and Tempe, AZ. While our plumbing services include sewer line repair, sometimes repair isn’t possible or it will just lead to further issues down the road. When the time comes to replace your sewer line altogether, our team is ready to assist. We have prompt and reliable sewer line replacement services that will ensure your home’s sewer systems are running exactly as they should.

Schedule sewer line replacement in Phoenix or Tucson today by calling (480) 747-6800. You can also contact the Penguin Air team online.

Signs You Need a New Sewer Line

Sewer line replacement is something most people don’t want to tackle, but it’s a problem you can’t ignore once you need it. Not replacing your sewer line when it needs to be replaced will leave you with serious problems. At the first sign of sewer line problems, make sure you call a plumber to have your sewer line inspected. Some signs you need sewer line replacement include:

  • Water pooling on your lawn – Discolored water or a foul smell from your lawn means the pipe underneath is leaking raw sewage into your soil. That’s never a good sign.
  • Toilets are overflowing – If you regularly have to grab the plunger, it could be a sign of a problem with your sewer line.
  • Age – If the home is 25 years old or older and has never had the sewer line replaced, it may be time.
  • Sunken areas in the yard – If the area around your sewer line in your yard has sunk, it can push on the sewer pipe, creating a low area that traps waste and leads to a backup.

Some of these signs and symptoms are subtle. To know for sure the condition of your sewer line, it’s best to have a plumber look.

Reach out to the plumbers at Penguin Air by calling (480) 747-6800 or contacting us online.

What to Expect with Sewer Line Repair in Tucson or Phoenix

When you call Penguin Air for sewer line problems in Tucson or Phoenix, we will come to your home and inspect the system to determine the source of the problem. We have the latest technology to give us a visual of the sewer line so we can accurately diagnose your issue. We will then get to work to repair it as quickly as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your home again. If sewer line replacement is the right answer, we can assist quickly and professionally.

Our plumbers are here to offer sewer line replacement services whenever they are needed. If you’re having a sewer emergency, contact us right away to schedule service. We have people standing by at (480) 747-6800 to discuss sewer line replacement in Tucson and Phoenix.


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