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How to Know It’s Time for an A/C Repair

There are times when you should repair your air conditioning unit and times when you should replace it. Recently, we shared the difference between the two. When it comes to replacing your A/C unit (which obviously comes at a higher cost than repairing it), you need to take the following factors into consideration:

  • Does your unit breakdown frequently during peak use?
  • Does your unit make frequent and noticeable noise?
  • How old is your unit?
  • Do you want a tax incentive by purchasing a more efficient A/C unit?
  • Do you have concerns about how efficient and ecologically healthy your unit is?

A/C Repair

When it comes to choosing A/C repair, the factors to consider are similar. You will want to repair a unit that is only two years old, for example – why replace such a new a/c unit? And opting to have frequent maintenance done on your home’s unit will help it be more efficient now and in the future. Frequent A/C maintenance will result in an air conditioner that doesn’t work too hard to cool your home.

You want your air conditioning unit to work the way it’s supposed to – thoroughly and cleanly, pushing air at the temperature at which you set it throughout your home. You don’t want a noisy air conditioner. Oftentimes, noisy air conditioners are a sign of age or of problems that indicate replacement. But what about repair?

When is it best to repair your air conditioning unit rather than replace it? The first thing to consider is if it will cost you less than half of the unit’s value to repair it rather than buy a new unit. If it costs you less than half of the value of the unit to repair, repair is a better, more financially wise option than replacement.

The next thing to take into account is routine maintenance. Have you been receiving routine maintenance on your A/C unit by a cooling professional? If the answer is no, and your unit is new or newer, you may just need an air conditioning inspection that will determine what needs to be repaired.

It is wise to follow up with routine maintenance on your unit so that you can catch issues before they lead to big disasters. If your unit is older and you have never received or performed routine maintenance, there could be bigger problems looming that should be addressed now.

An air conditioning professional will explain whether or not your unit needs to be repaired. You want an air conditioning professional to make sure that repair is the best and most financially sound option you have.

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