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Heater Maintenance

Heater Maintenance in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Heater Tune-Up Service

The heating system in your home may be durable, but it’s not immune to the damage that comes with normal wear and tear. If you want to be confident that your heater will continue to keep you and your family warm when the temperatures drop in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, routine HVAC maintenance is essential.

At Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical, we offer comprehensive heater maintenance service for all brands and types of heating systems, including furnaces and heat pumps. With our help, you can keep your system energy-efficient and in great shape while saving money!

Call (480) 747-6800 or contact Penguin Air online to schedule a heater tune-up in Tucson or Phoenix, AZ!

The Penguin Plan: Our Money-Saving HVAC Tune-Up Program

Penguin Air offers a cost-effective HVAC maintenance plan that can keep your heater working flawlessly. Our Penguin Plan will ultimately save you money while also offering other great perks, including:

  • A 20% discount on repairs
  • A 10% discount on new system purchases
  • An annual AC tune-up
  • An annual heater tune-up
  • Waived service fees
  • Same-day service

To sign up for our Penguin Plan or schedule heater maintenance in Phoenix or Tucson, AZ, just call (480) 747-6800 or contact Penguin Air online now!

What Happens During a Heater Tune-Up

During our annual heater tune-up, our technicians will thoroughly inspect, clean, adjust, and/or calibrate the major components of your heating system. Some of the specific things we’ll do during this HVAC maintenance service include:

  • Cleaning dust and debris from your heater
  • Checking all electrical connects and tightening them as necessary
  • Inspecting and testing all safety controls
  • Checking the air filter and replacing it as needed
  • And more!

We recommend getting a heater tune-up at least once a year and, ideally, before the cold season when your heating system will get regular use.

Has it been more than a year since your last heater maintenance service? If so, call Penguin Air at (480) 747-6800 or contact us online to schedule a heater tune-up today!

Why Heater Maintenance in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ?

You wouldn’t drive your car for years without changing the oil, right? Well, you shouldn’t let your heater run every winter without investing in a tune-up. If you’ve never hired a professional to inspect your heating system, what are you waiting for?

Schedule routine heating maintenance with Penguin Air because a heater tune-up can:

  • Uncover small issues and ensure they’re fixed before they end up causing huge, costly problems
  • Keep your system operating as efficiently as possible, saving you money on monthly energy bills
  • Give you peace of mind that your system will be reliable all season long
  • Prolong the service life of your heater, possibly extending its life span by years
  • Keep your warranty valid for as long as possible if the terms require regular professional heater maintenance service

Other Ways to Extend the Life of Your Heater

Professional HVAC maintenance is the best thing you can do to protect your heating system, save money, and avoid unexpected breakdowns that can leave you in the cold! Outside of heater tune-ups, here are a couple of other things you can do to protect your heater.

Change Your Filters

It is important to change your filters on a monthly basis. Changing your filters each month is the number one way to keep your system efficient while preventing it from blowing dust, dander, allergens, and other air contaminants around your home.

Use an Auto-Sensing Thermostat

An auto-sensing thermostat lets you program the ‘on’ and ‘off’ settings so that:

  • Your heating system will automatically turn on while you’re home and will automatically turn off when you are away or on vacation.
  • You can save money on your energy bills while enjoying optimal home comfort!

The savings in energy costs can be enough to offset the cost of HVAC maintenance service!

Schedule Heater Maintenance in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

At Penguin Air, we’re proud to always put your comfort needs first—and to be the HVAC contractors Phoenix and Tucson residents can trust whenever they need heater maintenance or any HVAC services. Let us show you why we’re a top-rated HVAC company in Phoenix and Tucson by contacting us for heating service today!

Call (602) 429-3821 or contact Penguin Air online to schedule an HVAC tune-up at Tucson or Phoenix home.

With Penguin Air, you can be confident that:

  • We will get the job done right the first time.
  • You’ll get accurate, upfront pricing before any work begins.
  • You’ll a free estimate on new high-efficiency HVAC systems if it is time to replace your unit.

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