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Do I Need a Water Softener?

Are clogged pipes a regular occurrence in your home? Has soap scum become an honorary member of the family? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may have “hard” water flowing through your home’s plumbing system.

Hard water holds more minerals than ordinary water, dissolving calcium and magnesium at a much higher frequency. This can present various problems, from clogs and unsightly buildups in your plumbing fixtures to skin irritation and more.

Luckily, water softeners offer Arizona families the perfect solution to their hard water problems!

What Is a Water Softener?

Water softeners remove excess minerals that cause water to become hard. These units use ion exchange to draw out minerals, like calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. Through this process, the water softener acts as a magnet for unwanted minerals, replacing them with sodium and allowing soft water to flow through a plumbing system.

Depending on your water’s hardness level, you can select from:

  • Automatic water softeners, which automatically detect and draw out unwanted minerals without the need for manual interference
  • Semi-automatic water softeners, which can be programmed to operate at certain times and are ideal for homes with moderate to severe water hardness
  • Manual water softeners, which are designed for homes with minimal water hardness and require manual operation to remove unwanted minerals from water

Generally, rock salt, solar salt, or evaporated salt is used during the ion exchange process to soften water. Salt is added to the water softener reservoir during regeneration.

Benefits of Water Softeners for Tucson & Phoenix Homes

Aside from removing unwanted minerals from your home’s water supply, water softeners provide additional benefits, including:

  • Savings: Hard water wreaks havoc on your home’s essential systems, including plumbing, appliances, and electricity. That can mean your systems work harder, use more energy, and need repairs more frequently. With a water softener, however, you can save money on energy bills and repair costs, as your systems can operate efficiently while avoiding the extra hard water damage.
  • Cleanliness: Soft water reacts better (than hard water) to soap and detergent. That means that soft water won’t leave soap scum residue on your personal items or plumbing fixtures, letting you enjoy cleaner clothes, skin, hair, dishes, and more.

Get Your Free Quote for a Water Softener or Schedule Service Now

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your hard water problems, contact the expert plumbers at Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical for a free water softener installation quote.

We offer the industry’s top-rated brands and products, backed by comprehensive water softener and plumbing services. Plus, we’re proud to always provide:

  • Price-matching and 100% money-back guarantees
  • Flexible financing with approved credit
  • First-rate services from expert local plumbers

Call Penguin Air at (480) 747-6800 or contact us online to get a free quote for water softener systems or services at your Phoenix or Tucson, AZ home!

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