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How Heat Recovery Ventilation and Energy Recovery Ventilation Work

by Penguin Air on July 20, 2018

While increased insulation improves energy efficiency, it can also present some serious indoor air quality issues. You can have a well-insulated building with healthy indoor air quality, but only with an appropriately designed and operated ventilation system. Well-sealed homes are great for energy efficiency, but when air is trapped inside a tight space for too […]

Sump Pump Buying, Installation, and Maintenance Guide - Penguin Air & Plumbing

What is a Sump Pump? | Buying, Installation, and Maintenance Guide

by vscontent on June 22, 2018

With winter thaws and spring and summer rains, it’s no surprise that basements have to deal with lots of moisture and wetness. The best way to keep your home and possessions free from water damage is to install a sump pump. While a dehumidifier or whole-home humidification system may help you remove some of the […]

8 Ways to Protect Your Home While On Summer Vacation

by vscontent on May 25, 2018

One of the best things about summer vacation, is, of course, the vacation! Where will you and your family be heading this summer? When you’re away, you’ll want to ensure that your home is secure and certain precautionary measures have been taken. These 8 tips on how to protect your home while on vacation will […]

10 HVAC Pest Prevention Tips | How to Keep Critters Out

by Penguin Air on April 27, 2018

April showers bring May flowers… and pests. One common but overlooked place where pests can take shelter is your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Pests can enter your home in a variety of ways. There are obvious points of entry, such as broken doors and windows, but then there are less obvious places, […]

Water Softening Solutions to Phoenix’s Hard Water Problem

by vscontent on March 30, 2018

Homeowners are often confused about what “hard water” actually is (isn’t hard water technically “ice”?) and why it can cause such serious trouble in plumbing. We’ll explain in more detail why hard water is something you want to remove from your home and the benefits you’ll receive from using a whole-house water softener to do […]

Improve Attic Insulation for Year-Round Comfort & Efficiency

Improve Attic Insulation for Year-Round Comfort & Efficiency

by vscontent on March 2, 2018

Usually, the biggest contributing factor to high energy bills is whether or not the home has proper attic insulation. Since heat rises, a lot of your expensive conditioned heat will escape into the attic and out of the home. In the summer, the hot rays of the sun can quickly turn your attic into a […]

Is It Time to Replace Furnace?

Furnace Lifespans | Is It Time to Replace My Furnace?

by vscontent on February 2, 2018

From installation to replacement, the maintenance in between is crucial to how long one can delay the inevitable decline. With proper care and maintenance, you will enjoy an efficient furnace for years and possibly decades to come. A furnace’s life expectancy is dependent on many factors including climate, fuel, regular maintenance, heating system type, brand, […]

How to Protect Home and HVAC from Rodents and Other Pests

by Penguin Air on January 5, 2018

We all know that it’s important to keep your HVAC system clean and cleared of debris both indoors and out. A clean HVAC system is an efficient and safe HVAC system. But what if your home and HVAC system starts to host some uninvited guests? Regular maintenance and annual cleanings and inspections by professional HVAC […]

How to Protect Your Home & Family for the Holidays

by Penguin Air on December 8, 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And that means lots of electric lighting, decorations, trees, yule logs, candles, and other things that can make you feel jolly, but can also pose a danger to your home and loved ones. The colder weather, increased time spent indoors, and holiday celebrations are the main reasons […]

winterize air conditioner - winter heat pump maintenance

How to Winterize Your Air Conditioner | Winter Heat Pump Tips

by Penguin Air on November 10, 2017

As the leaves begin to turn colors and fall from the trees, your air conditioner will begin to enter its hibernation phase. In the fall and early winter, it’s a good time to start preparing your central air conditioning system for the colder and more extreme weather ahead. The outdoor unit (aka condenser unit) is […]

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